District 3, Garfield County, Colorado


Leslie Robinson for Garfield County Commissioner

Leslie Robinson’s Vision for Garfield County

  • Keep homes and schools safe from oil & gas pollution

    “The current Garfield County Commissioners have spent millions of dollars fighting environmental, health and safety legislation for oil and gas  – state and federal – for over a decade. I would NEVER approve any oil and gas development closer than 2500 feet from homes.”

  • Protect our water

“When ONE well takes 2 to 12 million gallons of water and Garfield County currently has nearly 12,000 wells – that’s an outrageous amount of water that will be forever taken out of the local water table. Many ranches have been purchased and left to dry up because toil and gas companies just wanted the water rights. Many oil and gas companies own SENIOR water rights which means downstream users – mostly small ranches and farmers – are left without irrigation water by July. Until fracking can be done using 100% recycled water (the technology is available), we should not be wasting precious and limited water resources for industrial use.”

  • Fight climate change & invest in clean energy

“Unfortunately the county commissioners do not believe in climate change and criticize environmentalists. I would instead champion Garfield County to adopt Green Energy policies. I would whole-heartedly lobby the Colorado legislature to pass more climate change legislation.”

  • Develop a robust public transportation system

“The poorest families live the farthest from employment because of the cost of housing. Public transportation is too limited where our workers serve the Aspen and Vail resorts, nearly 65 miles away. A family’s expendable income goes to vehicles and gas, with limited time left to care for children. Especially now, in COVID times, people should be able to work where they live.”

  • Actively address the spread of COVID-19

“COVID numbers are spiking in Garfield County because the commissioners did not mandate a mask order in time. Infection numbers keep growing and our Latino families have been the hardest hit. I would put far more effort to curb COVID, especially in our Latino communities. Because of commissioner inaction, Garfield County is about to lose its variance and may have to go back to “Stay at Home” status to harness the spread of the disease. That’s going to hurt businesses. We must listen to local health experts and not let politics dictate COVID policies.”

Leslie Robinson was a guest speaker at the Downtown Denver rally hosted by Native American tribes to support protecting NEPA regulations from the Trump administration’s ax.

Garfield County
Democratic Party Priorities

We believe in:

  • Preparing for the typical boom and bust trajectory of oil and gas-dependent economies, and developing a more sustainable, long-term plan for the economic development of the county.

  • Ensuring long-term employment opportunities in the county and providing training to prepare people for those jobs.

  • Providing affordable and accessible healthcare and human services throughout our county.

  • Providing an efficient, affordable, and robust public transportation system throughout the county.

  • Providing high-quality and affordable early-childhood, before-school and after-school programs for the children in our county.

  • Providing high-quality public schools.

  • Managing development in order to conserve the quality of our air and water, as well as the needs of our tourism and agricultural industries.

  • Expanding the pool of affordable housing options throughout the county.

  • Treating all of our community members the way we want to be treated ourselves.