District 3, Garfield County, Colorado


Leslie Robinson for Garfield County Commissioner

Michael Sullivan, Former member, Garfield County Planning Commission 2014 County Commissioner Candidate, District 2

“Land use affects us all. From the driveway next door to public land, the decisions we make as a County will shape the landscape for generations to come. I know a little about it, I served on Planning and Zoning for a decade.
We desperately need a fundamental change in how we make land use decisions here in Garfield County. I, for one, would start with a commissioner who values the health and safety of the citizens over the financial rollercoaster of industry. Someone who will give a voice to those adversely affected by disastrous proposals.
We need someone to challenge the unanimous Republican mentality on both the Board of County Commmissioners and throughout the County administration. A healthy democracy demands discussion, difference of opinion, and debate, not three bobbing heads. We are long overdue for an elected official who represents that legitimate diversity of opinion.
Land use relies on the rules we make, the code. Our new County Commissioner must uphold the laws we have established and not brush aside violations as an irrelevant nuisance. I know she will work to re-institute protections that have been stripped to accommodate friends and supporters, industry and development.
Finally, the time has come for our county leaders to look forward, not back 30 years, to plan for the future of this remarkable land. We need integrity, intelligence, and an emphatic voice for the health, safety and welfare of the people of Garfield County.
We need Leslie Robinson, now!”

Paula Stepp, Glenwood Springs

“Leslie has spent the last 20 years fighting to move oil and gas extraction away from people and out of our neighborhoods. She fights for the rules and regulations needed to mitigate the short and long-term impacts the extraction industry has on our natural resources and environment.

It is time for a change of leadership in Garfield County. I hope you will join me in voting for Leslie Robinson in this November’s election.”

Columnist & Artist Nicolette Toussaint, Carbondale, CO

“I pitched in to help with Leslie Robinson’s campaign because it’s the thing most likely to improve my life in these uncertain times. I have watched Garfield County’s half-hearted response to Covid-19 with resignation. I have despaired over cuts to our libraries. I have watched teachers struggle to afford housing, and I felt outrage at the cutting of a grant to support the only family-planning resource many local women have. A panel composed solely of aging males simply doesn’t care much about these things.”

“I also worry that there’s no plan to uncouple Garfield County’s economy from the boom-and-bust cycle of oil and gas extraction. There’s no plan to prepare for the changes that global warming is already having here.”

“Because of land use decisions – where to allow mining and fracking activities that pollute our water table – county commissioners can have an outsized impact on our livelihoods, homes and life savings. But frankly, it’s unrealistic to expect that folks who, for the most part, have never worked outside local government or oil and gas, are going to come up with any economic vision other than the picture in the rearview mirror. It’s time for new ideas. It’s time for a female commissioner. It’s time for Leslie Robinson.”

Betsey A. Leonard

It will be wonderful if we can get Leslie Robinson elected. She is thoughtful, can see both sides, and is emphatic. Smart too! Best of all, she’s a tried and true Democrat.