District 3, Garfield County, Colorado


Leslie Robinson for Garfield County Commissioner

Beatriz Soto to Join Leslie Robinson in GarCo Commissioner’s Race

Announcement from Garfield County Democratic Party, Aug. 7, 2020   Katrina Byars has decided to withdraw her candidacy for the Garfield County Commissioner District 2 position. In line with the Secretary of State and Democratic Party requirements, Beatriz Soto has been nominated and approved as the new Democratic candidate for this position. Soto’s name will…
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$1.5 million of our money to fight clean air?

Garfield County’s “Oil and Gas Mitigation Fund” should be renamed the “Oil and Gas Defense Fund” as the monies are being used to protect the industry from citizens who do not want drilling and fracking next to their homes like in Battlement Mesa. In total, the county commissioners are spending over $1.5 million defending the…
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