District 3, Garfield County, Colorado

About Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson for Garfield County Commissioner

Leslie Robinson was a guest speaker at the January 2020 Women’s March in Glenwood Springs. Little did she know then, that she really was going to “Be The Change” by opting to run for county commissioner in May, 2020.

Let’s Move Forward,
Not Look in the
Rearview Mirror

“I believe Garfield County’s  citizens want to move forward — not step back — to  protect our quality of life, our clean air and water, and work to expand our economic horizons. That’s why, I, Leslie Robinson, decided to run for Garfield County Commissioner in District 3.”

“What triggered my decision to run for office,” she says, “was when the current commissioners sued the state over new air quality regulations that protect health and safety. Spending over $1.5 million dollars to fight new state oil and gas regulations, the current county commissioners put oil and gas profits in front of health and safety for their citizens!”

Meet Leslie Robinson, Citizen Activist

Leslie Robinson is a 40-year Rifle resident and chair of the Grand Valley Citizens’ Alliance (GVCA), a citizen’s group associated with the Western Colorado Alliance. She’s running against Republican Mike Sampson, who has held the District 3 County Commissioner’s seat for 12 years. (Sampson is the least senior of the current commissioners, whose terms have run from 12 to 26 years!)

“I think that’s too long,” says Leslie, who believes that Garfield County needs new ideas, a new direction and new talent.

She intends to BE the change.

Leslie’s Business and Professional Background

Leslie Robinson has lived in the Rifle area since 1974. Her professional background includes journalism and nonprofit management. Leslie expected to live in a quiet rural area, surrounded by the beauty of Western Colorado, after graduating from Colorado State University in 1974, but she found Rifle to be in the middle of several energy booms and busts.

  • While working in local journalism field for 20-plus years, she was well-placed to recorded the impacts national and international energy cycles inflicted local communities.
  • As director of a United Way chapter, she also dealt with the social ramifications caused by the energy industry’s economic instability.
  • Serving as a local Democratic chair, Leslie experienced how industry pressure influenced in local elections. It was obvious that Colorado oil and gas regulations were lax — what else could explain permits for drilling with only a 150-foot setback from from people’s homes?
  • That experience led her to become active with the Grand Valley Citizen’s Alliance (GVCA). While chairing GVCA, a volunteer position she has held since 2010, Leslie saw how the industry mistreated local mineral and surface owners.

The Battle over Battlement Mesa

GVCA and its sub-committee, Battlement Concerned Citizens, have been involved with trying to prevent O&G development within the community of Battlement Mesa, west of Rifle. Have been unsuccessful at protect citizens — mostly due to weak residential drilling rules — GVCA filed a lawsuit against the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to prevent an oil pad from being next to Battlement’s water treatment plant. (That case is is still pending.)

GVCA members have been involved with oil and gas setback ballot issues, as well as current new rule-making with COGCC.

Robinson/GVCA is a founding member of League of OIl and Gas Impacted Coloradans, a statewide organization organizing local communities impacted by oil and gas development in their neighborhoods across the state, but in particular, the Front Range, which is now under heavy drilling pressure for oil.

Currently, she’s quite involved with other nonprofit citizen organizations in our efforts to rewrite Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulation that would protect citizens from the negative effects of residential drilling. No more “Battlement Mesas” in Garfield County!