District 3, Garfield County, Colorado

Meet Leslie Robinson

Your new County Commissioner
Running in District 3, Garfield County, Colorado

Leslie Robinson

“I believe Garfield County’s citizens want to move forward — not step back — to protect our quality of life, our clean air and water, and work to expand our economic horizons. That’s why, I, Leslie Robinson, decided to run for Garfield County Commissioner in District 3.”.

Protect against Covid-19

I would put science first, over politics, in Garfield County’s response to the Coronavirus infection. To keep businesses open, we need to control the spread of Covid-19.

Diversify our Economy

Garfield County has been tied to the boom-and-bust fortunes of oil and gas for far too long. It’s time to put some new ideas to work for Garfield County.

Term Limits

I would establish term limits for county commissioners; I’m concerned that the current board does not represent the diversity of opinion among the citizens it should represent. 

Clean Air & Water

I support environmental protections for clean air and water. I would restructure the county budget to cut questionable expenditures favoring the oil & gas industry.


From the driveway next door to public land, the County’s land use decisions will shape the landscape for generations to come. We desperately need a change in how we make land use decisions…We need a commissioner who values the health and safety of the citizens over the financial rollercoaster of industry. We need Leslie Robinson.

Michael J. Sullivan

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Leslie has spent the last 20 years fighting to move oil and gas extraction away from people and out of our neighborhoods. She fights for the rules and regulations needed to mitigate the short and long-term impacts the extraction industry has on our natural resources and environment.

Paula Stepp

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

It’s unrealistic to expect folks who, for the most part, haven’t worked outside local government or oil and gas, to come up with any economic view other than the one in the rearview mirror. It’s time for new ideas. It’s time for Leslie Robinson.

Nicolette Toussaint

Carbondale, Colorado